CMP Initiatives

  CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya

Sl. No.



Learning objective  initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of the Teacher In-Charge along with designation


School Readiness Programme


To develop a fondness for the school.

To familiarize with facilities in the school 

Children feel happy to come to school.

Pupil feels very homely and safe in the school



CAL Time Table            (Computer Aided Learning)

I to V

All the teachers can use computers for all subjects regularly

Time table followed




Film Shows

I to V

Integration of knowledge and experiences and this will take away the sense of burden and boredom

Students enjoyed



PowerPoint Presentations

I to V

To make lessons interesting. It could provide with new opportunities to explore their own creative imagination.

Students understood the concept easily.

All primary teachers


Work Sheets

I to V

To provide extra information based on the lessons.

Artistic expression developed

All primary teachers


Sports Meet 

III, IV  & V

Mass display  with glittering bottles

To create  interest in sports. The students get opportunity to compete with other

Students took part actively.



Wild life conservation 

Drawing competition  based on wild animals

Handwriting competition –paragraph on wild life

Display board topic on  wild animals

I to V

To create awareness among the  students  on wild  life

The students took part enthusiastically

All house masters


Teacher facilitator for training teachers those who are attending in- service training for primary teachers  






Cluster Level Newsletter 

Students have sent articles for the newsletter. 

I to V

To encourage students for creative writing

The students took part enthusiastically